LISUG kicks off the 2015 – 2016 semester

Long Island Systems User Group Meeting September 15th, 2015 LISUG kicked off its 31st year with a double feature from speaker Trevor Seeney @tseeney. Trevor hails from New Jersey and we were thrilled to have him kickoff our 2015-2016 semester. The first session which started just after 5PM was titled “Implementing Animations and Transformations on […]

Kicking the tires with RDi Version 9.5

RDi Version 9.5 is available! Kicking the tires Version 9.5 became available for download on Friday, September 18th. I downloaded my copy that same day and began using it immediately.   What follows are some initial observations.count Prior to the 18th I was excited to read about some of the Version 9.5 announcements mentioned in the […]