LISUG kicks off the 2015 – 2016 semester

Long Island Systems User Group Meeting

September 15th, 2015

LISUG kicked off its 31st year with a double feature from speaker Trevor Seeney @tseeney. Trevor hails from New Jersey and we were thrilled to have him kickoff our 2015-2016 semester. The first session which started just after 5PM was titled “Implementing Animations and Transformations on IBMi using CSS/3.”   I thought it was fascinating although the subject matter wasn’t really in my core competency.  At one point Trevor took an animated gif of a shark that was just shaking back and forth and showed us how he added a tropical water scene behind it and made the shark swim around the screen. Finally he demonstrated another technique of animation that you can see here.

The second session was titled “jQuery Mobile and IBM i.”   Again, not in my usual workspace but that didn’t matter. I truly believe that as someone who relies on technology for a living to at least be able to speak to a particular topic.   Not necessarily be an expert, I don’t think there is anyone who can realistically know every possible thing, although I know some people who are pretty close.

Between the two sessions was our monthly Q&A, presented during the dinner hour. What originally started near the birth of LISUG in 1984 has grown into a full presentation.   I’m really proud to participate with this feature along with the others who have given their time to keep this feature going.   Other user groups across the country have contacted me to discuss exactly what this Q&A is. I really hope it catches on because it adds tremendous additional value to the membership. The topics are completely varied but always IT related. It allows the membership to be engaged with the meeting and with each other.

Next month (October 2015) will feature Jesse Gorzinski of IBM Rochester. Jesse is a software engineer for IBM and a team leader of the IBM i Emerging Solutions team. If you’re in the area you must visit, I’m sure you will learn something of great value. You can learn more about Jesse by clicking here.

At the end of the meeting Trevor is presented with a LISUG thank you.
At the end of the meeting Trevor is presented with a LISUG thank you.










Walking through the membership discussing new IBM i topics.
Walking through the membership discussing new IBM i topics.


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