Speaking season round 2

With the summer (or at least July and August, believe me, I will hold on to summer until the very last second) in the rear view mirror, I am fully looking to resuming traveling to various groups and conferences to meet my IBM i peers.


First stop is LISUG www.lisug.org.

After that COMMON in Fort Lauderdale www.common.

Next comes COMMON Sweden www.data3.org

And finally COMMON Denmark www.common.dk

Published by Charles Guarino

Charles Guarino believes in the “power” of IBM Power Systems. His career reflects his interest in bringing the platform and its solutions to others. Charles started his professional journey as a department of one. Today, he is serving individuals on a worldwide basis though his consulting work and award-winning speaking engagements. Charles is a true people person and can often be found at conferences sharing his expertise in RDi and other IBM i topics. Reach out to Charles through his company, Central Park Data Systems, at cguar[email protected]. He looks forward to hearing from you.