iChime reaches new members with each meeting

There were some new faces at our June 9th, 2020 meeting, and we are very happy there were.  Being involved with a global community brings insight you would not normally learn. The word is getting out!

Our featured guest for this meeting was communication expert, author, and professional speaker Jayne Latz.  Thank you so much for your participation in this meeting, your wisdom sparked great discussion with the group. Jayne shared her top tips on how to effectively bring your communication skills to the next level, whether you are on or offline.  

One interesting statistic was how most people judge you based on how you say something, versus what you are actually saying.  Twice as much, in fact.

To learn more about Jayne and her company visit https://www.corporatespeechsolutions.com.

Some topics discussed during this meeting were:

How to properly position yourself for the most effective online discussion

General meeting tactics such as speech cadence, posture, and body language

The importance of having your camera turned on while presenting in an online forum

Working with IBM on general IBM i issues across the globe

You are welcome to join!

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020 at 2:00PM Eastern (New York) time.

To register and be notified of future meetings, visit www.centralparkdata.com/iChime.

Published by Charles Guarino

Charles Guarino believes in the “power” of IBM Power Systems. His career reflects his interest in bringing the platform and its solutions to others. Charles started his professional journey as a department of one. Today, he is serving individuals on a worldwide basis though his consulting work and award-winning speaking engagements. Charles is a true people person and can often be found at conferences sharing his expertise in RDi and other IBM i topics. Reach out to Charles through his company, Central Park Data Systems, at [email protected]. He looks forward to hearing from you.