Open Source integration focus at recent iChime meeting

Alan Seiden was our June 24th meeting’s special guest. He started our discussion on the world of open source.  A big take away, though no surprise, is the world of ILE is far more than just RPG.   He then went on to describe the many other ways developers can adopt open source technologies to quickly create meaningful business results.  One example was the many benefits of using CURL, both for development and testing.

As always, trying to have a single photo with all 30 attendees was nearly impossible. Thanks to everyone who joined the meeting!

An excellent GitHub resource for IBM i that was referenced is OSSILE – a source of free functions readily available for download and reviewing.

Open source is not just about using the source code in production, but how it can also be used as education, to see how other developers solve a particular problem.

We were reminded how important it is to not use the words “replace” when it comes to substituting one language with another.  It is not a binary decision.  Once again, an integrated language environment is optimal.  Perhaps more important than ever before.

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Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 14th, 2020 at 2:00PM Eastern (New York) time.  The kickoff discussion will be the essentials of Amazon Web Services.

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